Adolescent Health Resource Center: For Parents and Primary Caregivers

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Parents or primary caregivers play an essential role in the healthy development of their adolescent. Typically developing teens reach a developmental milestone of increased autonomy during adolescence which may present challenges and/or cause parents to feel increasingly unsure of their role and its impact as their teen matures. The US HHS Office of Adolescent Health suggests these action steps for parents of adolescents:

  • Ensure your adolescent receives medical and dental care as well as mental and behavioral health services as needed
  • Learn what to expect with your adolescent’s development
  • Start and keep the conversations going
  • Be a good role model
  • Encourage physical activity, sleep, and healthy eating
  • Prepare adolescents for managing their health as they move towards adulthood
  • Make time for the adolescents in your life

See TAG For Families (US HHS) for more information and resources.


Adolescent Health Resource Center

Last Modified: June 18, 2019